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Designer Roller Shades

It’s no secret that roller shades are a favorite. But, have you seen today’s modern roller shades? Sleek styling combines with effortless operation for an incredible experience.

  • Contemporary Fabrics
  • Low Profile Design
  • Ideal for Large Windows
  • Opacities: View-through to Room Darkening

Available in a gorgeous selection of fabrics, featuring designer textures and on-trend colors, you can style your home with amazing benefits. The latest innovations upgrade the lifestyle of your home. Dual Roller Shades offer the best of both worlds, from diffused natural light, to room darkening. Window rollers are a beautiful way to protect the interior, comfort and privacy of your Minneapolis area home.

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roller and screen shades for large windows

The Largest Windows

If you have floor-to-ceiling windows in your home, you know the love/hate relationship that goes along with them. The natural light and landscape views are amazing. But, the constant glare, direct light and exhausting temperatures are too much to bear. Modern roller shades are an ideal choice for covering large windows. The sleek low profile doesn’t overwhelm the window, but the solutions they provide will transform the atmosphere of your home.

dual roller shades in guest bedroom

Two-In-One with Dual Shades

Do you need light-filtering or room darkening? How about both? With the dual shades feature, you can have the best of both worlds–or none at all when you roll your shades up and out of the way. Enjoy soft light and dynamic views with the front light-filtering shade. Bring the secondary shade into place for light-blocking, whether it’s for a good night’s sleep, or to block out the light for an afternoon movie.

light filtering roller shades in modern San Antonio, TX home

Room Darkening Ease

There’s a good reason homeowner’s prefer roller shades for room darkening. The fabrics are capable of blocking light. But, even more than that, it’s the light gaps. Hunter Douglas Designer roller shades feature the smallest light gaps in the industry, delivering an outstanding room darkening experience instantly. Whether you need to sleep longer in the morning, or nap in the middle of Sunday afternoon, roller shades will have you catching Zzzz’s.

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