• fabric window blinds in large open concept dining and bar space

Silhouette® Window Shadings

  • View Through Landscape Views
  • Diffuse Glare with Sheer Fabrics
  • Daylighting Capabilities
  • Perfect for Large Windows
  • ~ NEW ~ Halo feature for wider range of lighting possibilities

This is atmosphere–delivered. Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades offer soft, filtered light while creating a protected home environment. Are you in need of glare reduction, protection from damaging UV rays, and increased privacy? Sheer shades will ensure a more comfortable space within your Minneapolis St Paul area home. The best part? With dual shades, the range of control goes much farther, from light filtering to room darkening. A secondary roller shade shares the headrail, yet operates independently.

Dual Shades

The option to have dual shades with sheer fabrics is a new level of light control. One headrail houses both shades, one Silhouette shade, one blackout roller shade. The dual shade system allows the two shades to operate independently of one another. Lower just the sheer shade into position for filtered light and landscape views. When you want room darkening, lowering the secondary blackout shade into position is simple.

What Is Halo?

A relatively new innovation, the Halo feature brings even more light control to your Silhouette shades. Traditionally, sheer shades are capable of tilting the vanes to go from view-through to closed, letting the light come in, or direct it downward as the vanes close. With Halo, you can also tilt the vanes upward, allowing you to gain privacy while shining light up toward the ceiling.

Dramatic Views

Known for the sheer fabrics that bring in filtered light, Hunter Douglas Silhouettes also show off a dynamic view of the landscape. The original sheer fabrics present a hazy view, and now there’s a sharpened option to consider. ClearView sheer fabrics are made when you want a crisp, clear showcase of your landscape.
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Silhouette® Window Shadings