• gray window blinds in modern dining room

Applause® Honeycomb Shades

The beautiful, organized look of cellular shades comes to you with budget-minded options in the Applause Shades collection.

  • Streamlined Fabric Selection
  • Cellular Structure Insulates
  • Coordinating Vertical Shade Options
  • Two Shades in One with Duolite®
  • Smart Shades Increase Control

When you need affordable choices, but you love the idea of insulating your windows with cellular shades, this collection delivers. The honeycomb shade design traps air at the window to maintain the interior temperatures of your home. When you add additional features, such as dual shades, top down bottom up, or smart shades, you’ll increase control even more. Enjoy natural light, and dynamic views, all while the cellular shape adds a uniform look at your windows.

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