Room Darkening Solutions

  • large floor to ceiling shades with cellular fabric window treatments
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Room Darkening Blinds & Shades

Get darkness delivered with the Best Bedroom Window Treatments!  You’ll find room darkening blinds for every space. From bedrooms that need uninterrupted sleep, to children’s room where naps occur midday, or even your new media space, you’ve got levels of blackout shades to decide upon. Consider these features:

  • Smallest light gaps
  • 99% darkness available
  • Light filtering capabilities
  • Automated adjustments

And, for the utmost darkness, whether it’s your media room or blocking the light of your sunroom–now, you’ve got LightLock™ technology. Total darkness, no matter what’s going on outside. Don’t lose sleep. Find blackout blinds and shades for your home!

duette honeycomb shades showing various levels of opacity and light control

Room Darkening VS Blackout

The opacity of the fabric you choose can determine how much light is blocked. Room darkening is often described as having most of the light gone from the space during the day, while blackout shades make it hard to see in front of you–even during the day.

room darkening dual shades offering light control

Dual Shades

The concept of dual shades introduces the option of having light-filtering shades and blackout blinds in the same shared space, depending on the circumstances. Enjoy the view with soft, diffused light during the day, then blissful darkness for sleeping with the secondary blackout shade in place.

room darkening duette honeycomb shade detail with lightlock

Light Gaps

One issue that brings extra light into your room with room darkening shades is the light gaps that are possible along the edges of the window. This can be caused by the way the window shades fit into your window, along with the type of blackout blinds you select. There are additional features that ensure the reduction of light gaps, like the LightLock system, or adding custom draperies at the sides.

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Duette® Honeycomb Shades with LightLock™