• pirouette soft fabric shades in slate blue gray in modern dining space with outdoor view

Pirouette® Window Shadings

  • Great for large windows
  • Sheer fabrics work well to diffuse glare
  • Beautiful landscape views with view-through function
  • Fabric vanes offer beautiful designs

Combining sheer shades and stunning fabrics, Pirouette shades offer dynamic style and incredible function. When the fabric vanes fold, they reveal the sheer, light-filtered view. Flattening as they close, Pirouette shades provide complete privacy and room darkening. A wonderful option for large windows or doors, these window shades are a gorgeous backdrop, enhancing the style of your home while transforming the atmosphere.  

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Fabric Vanes

The gorgeous style of Pirouette shades includes the fabric vanes, closed and lying flat near the window, similar to the look of roman shades. But, when adjusted, those vanes fold in place. They appear suspended, revealing a backing of sheer fabrics, showing off the scene just beyond the window.

Sheer Backing

Two options in sheer fabrics are available to the Pirouette shades collection. The traditional sheers offer a hazy, soft view of the landscape. The Clearview selection sharpens the view of the landscape, creating a crisp view-through. Both versions of sheers enhance the interior of your home with diffused natural light and reduced glare.

Versatile Positioning

In the closed position, these window shades provide blocked light and privacy. When the fabric vanes are adjusted open, they reveal a beautiful backdrop and invite gorgeous natural light. Finally, you have the option to begin rolling them up into the headrail, choosing to stop along the way for partial coverage of the window. They will continue to roll up into the headrail–disappearing from view, revealing the entire window.

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Pirouette® Window Shadings