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NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

The beauty of plantation shutters will transform the look and feel of your home. Our NewStyle collection is crafted from a

  • Combination of real wood & man-made materials
  • Contemporary colors or wood grain finishes
  • Cover doors with ease
  • Specialty shapes for unique windows

Strong and durable, these plantation shutters were created to withstand wear and tear with exclusive finishes. Enjoy the beauty of your favorite neutral colors or wood grain appeal. Available with custom cut-outs for french doors, operating systems for sliding doors and custom shapes for your most unique windows. Learn how you can customize plantation shutters for your Minneapolis-St Paul area home!

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french patio doors with shutters and handle cutouts

Handle Cut-Outs

Doors can be tricky to cover: You want control, but coverage could limit function. With custom door handle cut-outs, you don’t have to worry! You can experience the beautiful look of plantation shutters on your doors, but provide full-range function for your door’s handle. Available in sizing to accommodate handle placement, enjoy curved or rectangular designs.

rounded windows with white shutters in home office

Specialty Shapes

The unique windows of your home deserve to be covered with window treatments that enhance the architectural charm. From arches & angles, to circles, ovals or hexagons, custom shaped shutters provide coverage that will also result in a dynamic look. Available in circles, ovals and hexagons, along with custom cut-out shapes for door handles and window cranks.

detail of white shutters


One of the most popular elements of NewStyle shutters is their ability to style such a wide range of homes. The combination of wood + hybrid materials make them strong, while the finish can be chosen to highlight your home’s overall look. A selection of whites, grays and wood grain choices make it easy to coordinate the style elements in your home.

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NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters