• large glass sliding patio door leading to backyard seating area covered by vertical shade

Duette® Vertiglide

When the sliding glass doors & large windows of your home call for cellular window shades, but you need vertical movement, we’ve got the answer: Vertical honeycomb shades!

  • Cellular design
  • Vertical movement
  • Simple operation
  • Stacking options to fit your home

The energy efficient design of cellular shades comes with transverse operation for your sliding glass doors and large windows. Vertical honeycomb shades, from the Duette collection, provide beautiful styling with the insulation you need. Available in various stacking styles, you can customize your home to improve your lifestyle.

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Energy Efficient Design

Sliding doors + your largest windows can play a huge part in the temperature of your home. The cellular shade design of honeycomb shades cover the glass when it’s most needed. You’ll insulate your windows to protect the comfort of your family, and you can enjoy natural light and views when you decide.

Simple Adjustments

The vertical shade design moves just like your sliding doors, from side-to-side. It’s a simple answer to what type of coverage works for these large windows. We’ll help you decide which stacking option works best for your home’s lifestyle and layout, whether that’s right, left or center. Cordless operation can be manual or motorized.

Style Choices

Designer fabrics, in popular colors and textures are available for styling your sliding door coverings. As some of the largest “windows” these areas of your home have a big influence on the resulting look of your home. Coordinate the design with other shades in the same shared space for beautiful style.