Room Darkening Details That Matter

Creating the right atmosphere is a work of art, and it’s the details that matter most. How can we create the perfect environment in each room using room darkening details? Check out our Room Darkening Solutions page–you’ll find products and features that will help you achieve the perfect level of comfort. Or, join us here as we take a look around…

Not Just for Bedrooms

A good night’s sleep is key to one’s overall health and happiness. Anyone can see why adding room darkening details to the bedroom is important. But what other spaces in the home could benefit from this lifestyle solution? Because we use our homes differently today, let’s think outside of the bedroom…

  • Home Office
  • Family Room
  • Meditation Space
  • South & West Facing Rooms
media room black out solutions Duette Honeycomb shades Hunter Douglas St Paul 55331
Pirouette® Shades


The Fabrics & Materials

Let’s reimagine our space with room darkening details. By determining how your room is used, you can then choose the level of darkness you need and what fabrics and materials may work. In order to darken a space, we use opaque fabrics, or we include a liner to help control the light.  

bedroom with blackout shades and room darkening blinds in Maple Grove MN
Designer Roller Shades

Some of the fabrics we work with also provide sound absorption, like our cellular shades, or fabric vertical blinds.

Hunter Douglas fabric vertical blinds st paul mn
Cadence® Vertical Blinds


What About Shutters?

For a classic look, plantation shutters are a popular choice. Shutters are opaque in nature and can block out the light. Equipped with the hidden tilt feature, shutters are easy to manage by opening or closing the slats which control the light exposure in the room. When considering hard treatments, keep in mind that small amounts of light may still glow around closed slats. 

hybrid shutters in white close up in Minneapolis MN home
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

 As mentioned above, even with a clean close as illustrated, subtle light can still show up in between slats.

Understanding Light Gaps

As we continue exploring room darkening details, it’s important to know these two terms: “light gaps” & “side gaps.” These terms refer to the light that enters between the closed shade and the window frame–you may hear these words in the process of choosing window solutions for your home. This information may be useful to clients depending upon their vision for the room. Oftentimes, these gaps don’t affect the overall experience, but sometimes they can. One solution is to choose the type of window covering based on minimal gaps. Another is to add side draperies to keep light from entering into the space.

room darkening designer roller shades in bedroom of Minneapolis MN home
Designer Roller Shades

So you may be wondering, how can I achieve *actual* blackout? For window treatments to be considered full darkness you will need to consider a solution that actually prevents light from entering. Opaque fabrics can achieve the blackout experience. But, even better, there’s an innovative feature that traps the edges of the shades in a channel attached to the window frame. The LightLock™ feature allows you darkness at any time! It’s stunning to look at, and it’s available for the Duette shades collection.

LightLock system, contact Aero Drapery and Blind to fit your Minneapolis home with these shades.
Duette® Shades with LightLock™


The Best of Both Worlds

There are some spaces in the home that will always need coverage, maybe for privacy or due to sun exposure. Our Dual Shades provide continual coverage and allow comfortable light in as well. You can have the best of both worlds!

favorite feature vignette modern roman shades dual shades Hunter Douglas Maple Grove 55369
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Look at how dual shades can transform a room instantly! Anyone can darken a room by lowering the secondary shade and when you want light to enter, simply roll up that shade, and it’s out of view. The primary shade remains in place providing the continual coverage your family needs. See why it’s one of our favorites?

Which Room Darkening Details Do You Need?

It’s been a pleasure exploring room darkening details with you! Now you can see how window treatments–with their many features, functions and fabrics–can add so many possibilities to your home. Here at Aero Drapery & Blind, our experts will help select rooms where you need solutions the most and are ready with the latest design ideas as well! Contact us for your FREE Consultation today!