Hosting in Your Home: Holiday Gatherings

With the holiday season upon us, are you finding yourself in a season of hosting as well? Within the past couple of years, holiday celebrations may have looked a little different than the traditional big family gatherings. But, this year we’re grateful that holiday gatherings are back, and can be better than ever! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips for hosting as well as a couple twists on the classic dinner gathering, so you can host in style and with ease.


Focus on Conversation

It’s no doubt that the holidays bring everyone, near and far, together. Are there a few family members from out of state that you only get to see every once in awhile? Creating a designated space for smaller conversations, and big ones alike, will help everyone to feel comfortable catching up in the setting that works for them.

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Simply setting up cozy spots with a couple chairs, to act as a seating area during holiday gatherings, allows space for more intimate conversations while everyone else congregates around the kitchen or living room.


Finding New Traditions

After taking time off from typical family traditions, what better year than this to implement some new ones–as well as bring the old ones back?

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Switching up the style in which you host could be a fun, and welcomed, change for all those involved. We love a large family style dinner every once in awhile. But, this can be a busy season, and it can be tricky to coordinate everyone’s schedules…

Try Out a Brunch: Who doesn’t love a good brunch or pancake breakfast? The holidays are great for comfort food, and that no longer just has to mean at dinner time. Having a smaller group of family and friends for a brunch is a special way to gather and catch up over a delicious meal.

Open House Style: Hosting in an open house manner means everyone can come and go as they are comfortable. Plus as a host, this can be much less overwhelming since the walls of your home won’t be filled to the brim the entire time.

Share the Duties: Either cohosting with someone or splitting the large family into two parties that work with people’s schedules is another way to spread out the responsibilities that come with hosting.

Bring on the Outdoors: Typically holiday gatherings are hosted indoors. And, it’s chilly right now. But, if space and weather permits, why not add some fresh air to the mix? A cozy fire and the fixings for ‘smores will have guests loving all the memories made!

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The Ideal Atmosphere

The ideal atmosphere will look different for everyone! As long as you–the host–are comfortable and enjoying the atmosphere, your guests surely will be too. Considering natural light and the windows in your home is a great first step when thinking about the feelings you want to emulate during holiday gatherings, and everyday life.

Wall to wall windows with pirouette shades
Pirouette Shades

The right window treatments will help everyone be comfortable at the table.

Window treatments can help control the light in most cases. Large windows provide an excellent source of light, but you’ll need to add shades to transform bright light into a comfortable softened hue. Window solutions will give you more control of the ambiance in the room, especially with smart shade features like voice command through Alexa or Siri.

Ready or Not. Holiday Gatherings are Here!

New traditions can make holiday gatherings unforgettable. If you’re hosting, why not try one of our ideas? Our team is here to help you achieve the perfect setting by suggesting window fashions that will accommodate your needs. Contact us for your FREE Consultation.