Enrich Your Living Room Design

The living room is an important space in your home. It’s an area where you can relax, entertain friends, and spend time with family. It should be the perfect combination of style and comfort as it reflects your tastes. Explore our tips on enriching your living room design to be more stylish, inspirational, and functional. 

The Furniture

If you’re eager to buy new furniture for your home, grab your tape measure and take measurements before you shop online or in-store. The couch is known to be the biggest piece in the space Therefore, it’s key to ensure that it’s proportionate to your room size. After you’ve checked off that box, think about adding additional seating. Not only will it create a conversation area for friends and family, but it also completes your living room design. 

A Living room with Provenance® Woven Woods
Provenance® Woven Woods

An Area Rug 

There are so many benefits to area rugs in a home. For starters, they add extra insulation, softness to the space, and they make your whole living room design come together. When you choose a rug size, consider the size of the area. You don’t want a rug that’s too small, as it will feel as if it’s floating in the room. On the other hand, a rug that’s too big can overpower the room. A good rule of thumb is to select a size where at least the front section of each piece of furniture rests on the rug. If you have a family home, stray away from picking a woven rug. Instead, opt for one that is soft and plush. This is more conducive if you intend to sit on the floor to play games or have teens sitting around to hang out.

floor to ceiling view with light filtering shades in St. Paul MN livingroom
Silhouette® Shades

The Lighting 

Your living room serves multiple purposes. As it’s used by everyone in your home, there should be a range of lighting that can adjust depending on what the space is used for. Are you looking to bring vibrant light to the darker areas of your home? Recessed lighting is a great option! Many homeowners love having air circulating in the room via a ceiling fan. You can opt for a ceiling fan that also has lighting attached. If soft lighting is more of the aesthetic you’re going for, table and floor lamps are a great way to achieve that. Lastly, artwork can feel forgotten on the walls of a dimly lit room. With the addition of sconces, you’ll be able to easily illuminate it, drawing the attention it deserves. 

arched window with honey comb blinds top bare in Minneapolis
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Living Room Window Treatments 

Enriching your living room design also includes choosing the ideal window treatments for your space. It can be a little daunting as there are numerous features to consider. If you want to add height to your room, while showcasing the view that lies beyond the windows, select draperies. You can even layer draperies with other shades to add a stylish and cozy feel to the room. 

neutral living room in Maple Grove MN with draperies and fabric shades
Custom Draperies & Fabric Roman Shades

Regarding living room window treatments, it’s also very important to determine the window covering solutions that would work best in your home. Do you have a room that receives sunshine all day and another that only receives indirect sunlight? These windows need different control, so it’s best to find the individual solutions that work well for each area. 

Duette® Honeycomb Shades in a modern living room with a yellow couch, slanting roof and walls with floor to ceiling windows
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Do you find yourself relaxing on the couch, gearing up to watch a movie? If you find this to be a recurring activity, consider dual shades. You’ll enjoy the filtered light where you can still see the view outside. You can drop the secondary blackout shade so there’s no glare on your television as the opening credits start to roll. 

A modern living room in neutral tones with a couch, two chairs and a coffee table placed strategically over a soft rug.

Your living room design can be stylish and functional for the whole family. Our team at Aero Drapery & Blind is ready to help you find the perfect window treatments for your home. Contact our team today to schedule a FREE consultation. Let’s get started!