6 Things All Dog Owners Can Relate To

As dog owners, we understand the instant connection you feel when you first meet your furry friend. The companionship, unconditional love, and utter happiness your pets give you are all things you look forward to on a daily basis. However, the mess they leave behind is probably not. Here are a few truths about a dog owner’s life you’ll definitely relate to.

#1 Their “Go To” Cozy Spots

No matter how many luxurious and comfortable dog beds we buy them, they simply can’t help hanging out in their favorite spaces. Whether it be your fancy chair, or right next to you in bed, it’s probably the last place you want them to chill.

pirouette shades for dog owners Hunter Douglas St Paul 55113

Needless to say, we’re sure there’s one thing these favorite spots have in common. Right next to a window for a  perfect view of indoors and outdoors. Can you blame them?

#2 Paws Can Be A Pain

If you’ve had muddy paw prints on your freshly cleaned floors, or your screen doors scratched to no end, we’re here to tell you, you are not alone. Despite of their cuteness, paws can cause quite a hassle.

paw for dog owners Hunter Douglas St Paul 55113

Thanks to Hunter Douglas life-saving innovation with motorized blinds you have full control at a click of a button. Lift your shades at the last minute before a fuzzy paw strikes, or schedule them for when you’re out of the house to prevent any accidents.

#3 Dogs Make Great Best Friends

One major reason why we love our dogs so much is simply because they love us. They’re obsessed and we adore it! They patiently wait for us to arrive home just so they can love on us a little more!

horizontal wood pet safe cordless blinds for dog owners Hunter Douglas St Paul 55113

How could we repay them? With customized blinds, shades, and shutters, you can maintain your home’s temperature and make sure their comfortable when you’re not there!

#4 Kids + Dogs = Match Made In Heaven

It only makes sense that your little ones and pets get along, given they share the cuteness factor. Your dogs love your children like they’d love their own, so why not guarantee they enjoy their time together.

silhouette child-safes shades and blinds for dog owners Hunter Douglas St Paul 55113

Cordless, child and pet safe blinds place them out of harm’s way. Dangling cords can easily become their play toy of choice. Removing them as an option will help give you peace of mind. Hunter Douglas window treatments are offered in various operating systems, giving you plenty to choose from!

#5 Dogs Have Personality Quirks Too!

We’re pretty sure you’re aware, but dogs have personalities as well. Their moods, behaviors, and mannerisms all vary based on their environment.

vignette modern roman shades for dog owners Hunter Douglas St Paul 55113

You probably wonder why Max always dances in circles before settling in his comfy spot or how his ears perk up when they hear certain sounds. It’s just his  little personality shining through.

#6 Dogs Make Life Better

blinds and shades for dog owners Hunter Douglas St Paul 55113

It’s common knowledge that our pets give us the most joy. Have you ever wondered the medical benefits of owning a dog? They improve our health and make us all around happier people. It’s time to return the favor! At Aero Drapery & Blind we’ll help you find the best options for you and your pet. From identifying ways to clean your shades, to the best operating systems to keep them safe. We’re here to help you every step of the way find the best solutions for your St. Paul home.  


We enjoyed highlighting the pups in the family of Shannon @shannon_plus_seven, where she details life with her family–including her three dogs. Follow her on Instagram for more fun posts!