On the Style Scene with Bamboo Shades

As you glance around your home, you may feel like your window treatments need a little refresh. For those wishing to infuse an earthy vibe into their surroundings, the answer is woven fibers. Let us introduce the popular, yet classic, bamboo shades. Not only do they filter light, but their beautiful look stems from the fibers that help them stand out! Our Provenance Woven Woods collection brings serenity and dimension to any room in your home.

Where Trends and Classics Meet

In the interior design world, bamboo shades are not the newcomers on the block. Yet, their woven design elements are currently receiving some well-deserved attention because of their growing popularity with homeowners. 

Black woven wood shades that are halfway down a window looking out to a cityscape.
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, Collection: Antigua, Color: Stingray

Known as as “matchstick blinds,” these window coverings stealthily fall under the roman shades category. However, woven textured shades can assume the role of either roman or roller, adding an extra layer of sophistication to a space. Explore the Alustra Collection to see what is available for textured fabrics in roman or roller shades.

Wonderfully Woven

Delightfully, bamboo shades aren’t confined to a single fiber type. Whether it’s grasses, reeds, woods, or bamboo, there are so many options. Each collection of woven woods boasts a unique pattern, showcasing the distinct weaving techniques that make each option one-of-a-kind. These do an excellent job of infusing texture, dimension, and warmth into your living space.

Four woven wood fabric swatches. Two are lighter colors while the other two are darker colors. All four are neutral tans and browns.
Samples from 4 collections of Bamboo Shades: Calliope, Minerals, Tahiti & Nottingham

Incorporating Liners

One of the added benefits of bamboo shades is that you can customize liners. This feature allows you to tailor your shades for room darkening or light filtering. Furthermore, the liners can be attached or operated independently, which can cater to you and your style. Take a moment to explore the world of Duolite® dual shades for an added layer of energy efficiency.

The attached liner can block in-coming light even with a light-colored shade. It is in a neutral tone and cascading down a window with the bottom part rolled up to show the backside.
The attached liner can block in-coming light even with a light-colored shade.


Adding Motorization

As the time of day shifts, so does your desire to admire the outside view. The sun could suddenly be blinding, or your house could feel on display. Adjustable window shades are just one great solution. Another great solution is motorized shades. You can effortlessly set a schedule that will adjust on its own. Therefore, you won’t have to manually control the amount of light or privacy. As the motorized shades transform the look and feel of your home, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. 

Provenance® Woven Woods in a sitting room. They are covering three windows and each are lowered at varying lengths with the far left and far right at the same length.
Provenance® Woven Woods


Favorite Features 

Bamboo shades have many noteworthy features. Achieve a cohesive look by extending the same shades to both windows and doors. Maybe you’re worried about those oddly-shaped windows that let too much light in but you don’t know how to cover them. Thankfully bamboo shades are tailor-made for bay windows and angled windows. Interested in trying out a different style? Take a look at top down bottom up. You can enjoy the natural light and sun from the top of the window but enjoy the privacy down below. 

woven wood shades on windows of master bedroom with top down feature
Provenance® Woven Woods


Let’s Upgrade Your Look!

At Aero Drapery & Blind, our team stands by ready to guide you toward the bamboo shades that will revitalize your space. When you’re ready to embark on this style adventure, reach out to our team today for a FREE consultation.