An Organized Home Can be Yours

New year, new habits. What could be better than an organized home to clear your mind and refresh your spirit? We have developed 5 general rules to guide you in the process. Living in an organized home can benefit you in more ways than you know. Let’s get started.

Make it Happen: 5 Steps to an Organized Home

# 1  Concentrate on ONE closet/room/area at a time.

# 2 Empty the space completely. Take out everything.

# 3 Don’t feel bad about throwing away anything that’s expired or broken. Make a decision and stick to it. (Donate unnecessary items in good condition.)

# 4  Separate items into groups–include a group for misplaced things

# 5 Group objects together in baskets or containers, and add them back in to the space

Now, let’s put these 5 steps to the test in your home.

Closets, etc.

The best thing about a closet is that you can close the door and pretend the mess doesn’t exist. But the frustration sets in when you can’t find something you’re looking for among all the STUFF. Tackling a closet can be so satisfying and a great place to start your organized home journey. First, remove everything, sort through, pare down and separate the rest into groups. Use baskets and hangers to keep items together in their place. 

closets in an organized home st paul

The Entryway

Chances are, the formal entryway of your home is clear from clutter and looks very inviting to guests. The entryway in your home (that needs attention) is the one the family uses regularly. You may call it the back hall, mudroom or “drop-zone”…but whatever you call it, you are for sure, NOT inviting guests through this mess. This particular entryway is not for the faint of heart, it’s home to coats and backpacks, cleats and dog leashes and anything the cat drags in. How can you take this space back? 

mud room in an organized home

It’s easy, with this one simple phrase, “everything in its place”. It may take some time getting everyone on-board, but once you do, it’s a beautiful thing. You’ll see coats hung on hooks, shoes placed on shelves and everything else in its place, too. Pro tip: Only items needed daily should have a place here. Removing unnecessary items will free up a lot of space.

The Toy Room

If you’re looking for a way to keep the toy room organized, you’re searching for a miracle. Children and chaos go hand-in-hand. You can try to apply the 5 general rules to this area, but we have a better idea: When you’re at your wit’s end and tired of picking up the same thing everyday. Donate it, toss it, or put it away for a while. It’s possible the kids won’t even notice!

an organized home toy room in st paul

Success Requires Increased Productivity

Maintaining an organized home can be hard work–you’ll need extra energy to keep up with it each day. Furthermore, the overall atmosphere of your home can make an impact on your mood and productivity level. Window treatments can help adjust the environment so you have success maintaining your organized home. Natural light coming in can be energizing, but too much can be exhausting. 

an organized home sunlight helps your mood in st paul
Alustra® Woven Textures®

It’s all about controlling the light. Darker spaces can benefit from window treatments, too. Our window covering experts can evaluate your home and suggest the best treatments for your space. Window treatments for your home provide the ideal balance of light, privacy and energy efficiency. Get in touch with us for a FREE consultation to complete the look of your organized home.